Apple iPhone Price in Bangladesh

Prior to the development of iPhone smartphones, popular brands boasted record sales for producing average designs. Upon its inception in 2007, few devices could match its features. Apple devices, though a bit pricy, they have an attribute to outperform most devices. One outstanding feature about this device is that it puts your security first. Just a few weeks from the hacking scandal that rocked the European world, more specifically Bulgaria, the importance of personal security has never been more important. The current XR 128GB iPhone goes for 799 dollars. Yes, it might seem expensive, but its 12 bionic processor is the fastest processor in the market. Additionally, it comes with an OLED LCD screen which means you can watch clear videos in your device. Other apple smartphones include Apple XS which goes for 999 dollars, iPhone XS max which goes for 1099 dollars and iPhone 8 64 GB which goes for 699 dollars.

About Apple Phone in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh mobile industry has been on the rise, thanks to the growing middle earning population. The hugely popular iPhone XS is going for 115,000 taka. It is a bit pricy than buying in the U.S.A, but it is because all taxes and shipping costs are included. In case it is out of your price budget, you could still own an iPhone (iPhone 6s 32 GB) from as low as 34,999 taka. Though the device might be surpassed by new trends, it still has unmatched features if compared to other devices. Other apple smartphones include iPhone 7 which goes for 57000 taka, iphone 7 plus which goes for 65000 taka and iPhone X 64GB which goes for 89,999 taka.

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