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Best Budget 4G Smartphone Price in Bangladesh in 2020

We see a lot of smartphones being released every day. All sorts of devices are available for us to use. Some have better design, some are known for the best camera. While some have powerful internals and battery.

Being a Bangladeshi company, we have comprised a list of best 4G mobile in Bangladesh. These devices will contain some of the best cheap 4G mobiles in Bangladesh. If you are also looking for good camera smartphone then you can visit toptechytips.

Things to do Consider Before Buying a 4G Smartphone

There are these ‘things’ that you might want to consider before buying the best 4G device in Bangladesh. We are going to take them to step by step.

1) CPUmobile cpu


One of the biggest features that make a phone better is the processor. CPU provides the raw power to a device. Let’s say that you’re playing a shooting game of mobile. The CPU generates that power and you can play the game.

There are a lot of processors that companies use. But my recommendation is to stick with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. It’s a great chipset developed by a great company. CPU is another factor that we will highly consider in our list of best Budget 4g smartphone in bd.

Therefore, let’s move on to the next point that is “RAM”.

2) RAM

mobile ram

RAM is another aspect that makes the device “Worth buying”. More RAM means the opening of more processes. Interestingly enough, RAM has to do everything with speed.

Therefore, More RAM means more speed. But that’s not how everything works. RAM has its types and speeds. That is why we are going to look for the best RAM in our list of Budget 4g smartphone in bd. We are going to look for all sorts of devices with different RAM option. So let’s move on to the next component that is “The Camera”.

3) Camera

Getting a budget smartphone with a great camera is hard. Smartphones are getting better day by day and camera too. However, what about the camera? It’s still hard to find a good budget-oriented smartphone with a great camera.

Also, there’s a myth in the camera department of smartphones that, “More MegaPixels mean better result”. This is wrong. MegaPixels have nothing to do with the picture quality itself. However, with a better camera lens, it’s only possible to achieve a good quality picture. Therefore, the camera is another factor that we are going to be looking at in our list today.

4) Battery

mobile battery icon

What the use of the great camera, CPU, RAM, and other components if the battery is absolute trash. We have seen cases where the device will be perfect but battery timing won’t last even hours.

Therefore, having a great battery in your smartphone is just essential these days. I’m not going to lie, modern-day smartphones, even in the budget range have great battery life. From Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung to Infinix. These companies are doing well in the battery department.

Mainly because in the age we are living, we need more power and more battery from the phone. It has just become the basic necessity of our everyday lives.

5) Display

mobile display

For the heavy content consumers, the display is one of the most important aspects while buying a budget 4G smartphone. A good display has a perfect colour balance, vibrancy, and exposure.

Samsung is well known for its OLED panels but we are starting to see some other companies like VIVO that are shifting towards the OLED side. Their device the “VIVO S1” is a perfect device having nearly everything in a budget range.

LCD panels are getting good too, especially in budget range but OLED still has the edge considering everything is better compared to LCD.

Best 4G Android Smartphone in Bangladesh

This list will contain some of the best 4g smartphones in bd that we are going to explain one by one. So sit tight.

Samsung Galaxy M30S

Samsung Galaxy M30S 4g phone in bd

Coming up in a price tag of Tk. 21,900, this device is our top pick for the best 4G android smartphone in bd. The device was released in November 2019 with a decent price tag and features.

It features an AMOLED screen that is 6.4 inches containing 411 DPI density. Moving towards the processor side, it has the Exynos 9610 that is a great processor. Gaming and power efficiency shouldn’t be a problem here. With a decent Mali G72 Mp3 GPU, you can expect it to take a great load. The device comes in 4GB or 6GB variants that are enough for most smartphones in 2019.

This device has a triple camera setup. The primary one is 48 MP, an 8MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 5MP. The front camera is 16 MP that contains great details to the photos. Considering all these aspects, this device is an all-in-one budget option suitable for number one on our list of the top 4G android smartphone in bd.

OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7 bd 4g smartphone

OnePlus is known to be the budget king of smartphones. It’s not a surprise that OnePlus 7 is on our list of Budget 4g smartphone in bd. This device is just awesome. Released in May 2019, it features an AMOLED display. The screen size is 6.4 inches.

Having one of the best processors, Snapdragon 855, you can expect the best performance too. Any game or graphics-intensive tasks will be a breeze on this device. With the price tag of 48,990, it’s not the cheapest but still considered as the budget smartphone device.

RAM choices are interesting in this one. OnePlus has erased the concept of 4GB RAM. Now you have the option to choose either 6GB or 8GB which is kind of cool.

It has a dual-camera set-up with a 48MP primary shooter and a 5MP depth shooter. Together with a 3700 mAh battery, you can expect a good battery life too. Considering all these aspects, OnePlus 7 a great Budget 4g smartphone in bd.

RealMe X2

RealMe X2 bd

RealMe X2 is another great cheap 4g mobile in Bangladesh. This brand focuses on quality rather than quantity and that’s the positive side. The price is yet to be unveiled but it is definitely a budget device. The device has a Super AMOLED display of 6.4 Inches.

The device features Snapdragon 730G, an all-in-one package that offers great performance and battery life.

The RAM options are wide. 4, 6, and 8GB RAM models are available. It has a quad-camera set-up. The primary one is 64MP, two 2MP sensors, an 8MP one. What makes this device even more interesting is the front 32MP camera. It offers some great details and sharpness. Considering all these aspects, RealMe X2 is one of the best 4g mobiles in Bangladesh.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

Redmi Note 8 Pro 4g smartphone in bangladesh

Xiaomi has made another awesome device this year. The Redmi Note 8 Pro might just be the budget king. Starting from Tk. 21,000, this device is an absolute champ.

Probably the only thing I found worth considering as a con was the display. While it’s good, it’s still not IPS like most of the other devices on our list. It has a massive 6.53 inches display. With Helio G90T processor coupled with a powerful GPU, gaming and other tasks can be an absolute breeze. The RAM choices are unique too. Xiaomi has killed the 4GB RAM standard this time.

You either get to choose 6GB or 8GB RAM. For the camera, it has a quad-camera. The primary one being 64MP, an 8MP ultra-wide, 2MP macro camera, 2MP depth sensor, and the 20MP front camera. One of the biggest upside to this device is that it has a 4500 mAh battery. It is going to last quite some time. Fast charging is also a strong point of this device. it supports 18Watt fast charging support. This is why it’s a great 4G android smartphone in bd.

Huawei P30 Lite

Huawei P30 Lite bangladeshi price

Coming up at the price of TK, 28,000, this is another great budget device by Huawei. With 6.15 inches IPS screen, it gets the job done. The panel is bright and the colours are good too. The screen size is also reasonable.

Running Kirin 710, it’s not one of the fastest on our list but the processor still works. The device comes with 6GB of RAM that is more than enough as per today’s standards.

With a great triple camera setup, you can expect some of the best photos from this device. Moreover, it has a 3340 mAh battery that will give mediocre battery life.

Considering all these aspects Huawei P30 Lite made it on our list of best 4g smartphone in bd.

Motorola One Action

Motorola One Action 4g mobile price in bangladesh

Another great 4g smartphone in bd on our list is Motorola One Action. It is a great device with an LTPS IPS panel of 6.3 inches. The colours are quite good. With just the price of Tk. 25,500, this device has the potential to become one of the great 4G smartphones in bd right now. It comes with Exynos 9606 and it’s a powerful processor.

You can expect a great gaming experience and day to day tasks would be flawless. One downside to this device is the 4GB RAM. However, don’t get me wrong. It’s still enough as per today’s standards. It’s a cheap 4g mobile in Bangladesh.

Having a triple camera setup, the cameras are good too. A 12 MP main, 16 MP ultra-wide and 5MP depth sensor. Moreover, the front 12MP camera is a strong one too. With that screen size, 3500 mAh battery is good too. Considering all these aspects, Motorola One Action is one of the best 4g mobile in Bangladesh.

Walton Primo RX7

Walton Primo RX7

Probably the cheapest device on our list is Walton Primo RX7. Just for Tk. 14,000, you are getting some of the best specs you’ll ever see on a device this cheap. Comes with a great display, 4GB RAM and a good processor, this device can also be useful for most people in this range.

Combination with AI dual camera, this device is good for the most part. Moreover, it has a massive 3900 mAh that is going to last a long-range too. All in all, Walton has designed a great cheap 4g mobile in Bangladesh.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro


With the price tag of Tk. 17,999, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is another beast to consider here. It has the Snapdragon 660 processor that is good for day to day tasks. However, the chipset is a little outdated to this date. Coupled with Adreno 512, this device can handle some graphics-intensive tasks too?

It comes with 3, 4, and even 6GB variant. The cameras are just mediocre as it has dual camera setup. It has a massive 4000 mAh battery that is going to last a full day or even more. Considering all these aspects Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is one of the best 4g mobiles in Bangladesh.

Infinix Hot 8

One of the cheapest devices on our list is Infinix Hot 8. Infinix has been doing a lot for the sake of budget smartphones and Infinix Hot 8 is one of the best 4G devices in Bangladesh. A lot is going on with this one.

An IPS LCD that is 6.6. It’s an HD display meaning that FHD is not supported. The device comes with 4GB or 2GB variant. But to think that someone is providing 4GB RAM in this range, it’s almost impossible. However, Infinix has done it with its new device.

For such a puny price you’re getting a triple camera setup and that is not so bad. The processor is on the lower side though and you shouldn’t expect that much as far as the gaming is concerned. All in all, it’s a great 4G smartphone in bd.

Symphony Z15

Symphony Z15

A Tk. 9500 smartphone is all you need to invest nowadays. It’s one of the best Budget 4g smartphones in bd. It has a 2.5D IPS display. With a powerful screen and good internet, the performance is good. For this range, the device can perform just fine.

Moreover, it has dual-camera. One is 13 MP and the other one is 2 MP. The biggest plus point to this device is that it has a massive 4000 mAh battery. Therefore, Symphony Z15 is another great device.

Why 4G smartphones are so popular in Bangladesh?

Not just limited to Bangladesh but these devices are popular in every part of the world. The reason is that 4G provides one of the fastest internet speeds that you will ever see on a smartphone.

Moreover, 4G devices are known to be naturally powerful. As they have to deliver more power in terms of raw speed and battery life should be good too, we have covered some of the best Best 4g mobiles in Bangladesh.


  • Why should we buy 4G devices?

4G devices provide you with great speed and efficiency as far as internet speed is concerned. You don’t have to worry about speed and for most cases, even battery life is good on these devices.

  • Which device should we choose from the above?

Every device we have mentioned above has something unique. But if I were to choose a device, it would probably be OnePlus 7 or Redmi Note 8 Pro.

  • Will these devices have a good battery life?

Almost all the devices mentioned above have a massive battery. Due to the massive battery size, you are going to get the best battery life performance and you shouldn’t worry about the battery problem.

  • Can I play games on a budget smartphone?

These devices are more than capable enough to run most games that we see on the play store. Good phones are getting cheaper as said by MKBHD. That is true indeed.

  • Can I use budget smartphones for photography?

Some of the devices above, such as the OnePlus 7 or Samsung M30s has a great camera. Therefore, you can even use these devices for tasks such as snapping photos or making a video,

  • Should we choose a phone with more RAM or a better processor?

This is a tricky one. 4GB RAM is still ideal for modern-day smartphones. But the processor should be strong. Therefore, 4GB RAM coupled with something like Helio G90T or Snapdragon 730G should work well.

So far we have covered the best 4g smartphones in bd. All these devices are great if we talk about the camera, RAM, performance, and processor. Therefore, these are some sensitive aspects that you need to look forward to when choosing a device of your choice.

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