Five Best Android Multimedia Apps

Android is arguably the best operating system when it comes to media apps. There are tons of apps on the main app store as well as third-party app markets. Most of these media apps are good and safe to use. They also provide different services from each other but the main goal is satisfying the android users on multimedia platforms. The following are the best five multimedia apps currently available from android phone users.

Videoder App

Videoder is presently one of the finest apps available on all operating systems as well as on Android. Unlike most premium apps, the app is available free for all the android users who want to have the liberty to download videos from not just YouTube but also from other social media websites. Although the app is available on all the operating system, the android apk is the best due to legality issues and the fact that Android does not have strict guidelines on video downloads.

The app offers a different set of services. First, apart from downloading the videos from YouTube, the one has the freedom to choose the type of the file they want and the size. It is currently one of the few apps that one can download videos on 4K as well as convert the video file to an mp3. Apart from giving the user the liberty to download files in different sizes and nature, the app is extremely fast. Compared to other similar apps on the operating system, the app can download videos and mp3 at a ten times faster rate. This is exceptional to an app that is free.

Spotify App

Spotify is necessary to have for any musical player who loves a wide collection of exotic music from all over the world. From the initial make and the arrangement of this app, the service delivery, as well as the musical collection, has been improved over time and this gives the impression of a growing platform for both average music lovers as well as music diehards.

The app has been able to cut a niche for itself based on the following factors. First, apart from having an exclusive content that is from different places around the globe, the app has both the paid membership as well as the free version. Second, the app has one of the best interfaces in the world of music streaming and listening. This aspect combined with the amazing collection of the music available makes the app one of the few apps that is irreplaceable on android. Finally, with a 320kbps streaming, the app can be termed as one of the fastest streaming apps to ever have been made in the modern day.

Tubemate App

Although Tubemate is not available on the official AppStore for android, it replaces the available and similar apps.  Compared to this app, the apps available on AppStore are not only limited in terms of what the user can do but also on the fact that downloading them is cumbersome.

What makes Tubemate exceptional? The following are some of the best features available on Tubemate. First, the app is free and the apk of this free app is downloadable from many websites but the most recommended is the official website. Second, the app gives the user the ability to download content from YouTube in different formats from the HD version to mp3. Apart from downloading aspect of the app, it can be used as an alternative to the main YouTube app where it saves data compared to the official app. However, no feature is comparable to the fact that the app gives the user the freedom to download more than one file.

MX Player App

The default media player in most phones is not only limiting but also boring to use. The MX Player is definitely the remedy to the void left by the default player. When we watch a video on our phones, we want to pause, rewind, zoom to check on some details as well as to have a player that is attractive and has a good user interface.

The MX player is not only a powerful app for multimedia but also an innovative app. Like define above, the app gives the user multiple of actions such as to zoom in videos, rewind a video or an audio file. These options are not in many third-party multimedia apps available. The app is free for download and the lack of a price tag on the app does not limit the user on what they can do with the app in terms of locked features.

PlayerXtreme App

PlayerXtreme over the past couple of years has emerged as the alternative and the safe option multimedia platform for playing media. It is both available as a free app version, which has many, advantages over the other apps in the same category as well the paid version, which has additional features and the fact that it, is free from constant and boring ads.

The following are some of the most notable features of the app that are rare to find in other multimedia players on Android. First, the app gives the user the ability to watch videos from all available formats available. The app also gives the user the ability to check and view the subtitles too. This aspect in most cases is unavailable to most players. Finally, the app gives the phone user the ability to secure their video library. It, therefore, can be termed as the most secure video player available on Android.

In conclusion, the above top five multimedia apps on android are unique in their own ways. This gives the impression that each app is designed for specific app users. It is, however, important to note that most of the apps discussed have premium versions that are ads free and have additional features.

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