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Google Pixel Price in Bangladesh

Google Pixel is a smartphone type that was established by Google. The first brand was launched in 2016. Since then, there have been various updates on google pixels. In Bangladesh, Google Pixels is famous among young people.

Google launched its high-quality smartphone whose price was high, and therefore it has been a barrier to mid and low range budgeters. The price ranges from 32,000 BDT up to 82000 BDT. Brands like Google Pixel 3 cost ৳82990.00 and Google Pixel 3 XL, on the other hand, cost ৳79900.00.

Why People Love Google Pixel

Amazing CameraGoogle Pixel has got a high-quality camera with a great shoot on pictures. The camera depends on Google’s intelligence and not the hardware like others, and therefore it delivers reliable and excellent quality images.

High-quality OLED Display – The display of the phone is excellent as it comes with a dazzling OLED display that is bright and deep dark colors. The phone battery is reliable, and it adds up to screen time out as it can run throughout the day.

Top-notch Fingerprint ScannerIn most cases, we all like to use a given method to unlock our phones. Google Pixel has added a top-notch fingerprint scanner where you can easily unlock your phone with a grab. You can use the fingerprint dot to flick all the notifications.

Excellent Voice Controls – Google pixel uses the google assistant method to control your phone voice when answering something helpful. The phone allows you to use your voice on searching for any information on the web and shows you how to skip some confusing settings.

Why Google pixel is best

Google Pixel is the best smartphone in Bangladesh because of several reasons. Some of them are

  • It has an improved chipset- it uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 chipset which is decent processing power, and it can also use an advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon of 730G chipset. This generally makes the smartphone have a solid performance.
  • Good life battery- Google pixels phones are made of high-quality batteries that can last for an average period of 30 hours. The battery ranges from 3000mAh and above with a fast charge.
  • High-quality camera- the camera quality of the Google pixel is high.
  • Good inbuilt storage and RAM- pixels phones have good and decent storage capacities. The RAM ranges from 6GB up to 128GB and therefore providing enough storage facilities.
  • Have a good screen storage display- the screen is OLED display which is productive of resolution and perfect in enjoying games and watching favorite movies with an easy.

Pros of Google Pixel

  • They have stunning cameras which have a high-quality result
  • Uses the best android versions and hence there is a high performance
  • The phones are of the right size
  • Has unlimited google image cloud storage
  • They have high storage facilities
  • They are super-fast when compared to others


  • They are a little expensive
  • The phone back panel is prone to scratches.

Google Pixels smartphones are highly demanded by young people who are tech-conscious in Bangladesh. However, the price of the phone is a barrier to lower budget consumers. The features of the phone make it preferred among the users in Bangladesh.