Huawei Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Top Huawei Mobile Price in Bangladesh

ModelMemory RAM/ ROMPrice (BDT)
Huawei Mate 10 Lite (4/64GB)36,990/-TK (Official)
Huawei Mate 30 Pro(8/128GB)79990/-TK (Official)
Nova 7i(8/128GB)29990/-TK (Official)
Huawei mate xs(8/512GB)2,60,000/-TK (Official)
Huawei P30 Lite(6/128GB)24,999/-TK (Official)
Huawei Y9(3/32GB)19,999/-TK (Official)
Huawei P40(8/256GB)76,999/-TK (Official)
Huawei P30(8/128GB)64,499/-TK (Official)
Huawei Nova 7 Pro 5G(8/128GB)44,500/-TK [CN] (Unofficial)
Huawei Nova 7 SE(8/128GB)29,000/-TK (Unofficial)

One of the most revolutionary phones in the globe is the Huawei model. Designed for ordinary people, it brings an upscale of features for an ideal price. Placed at number 2 as one of the most profitable telecommunication industry, the company has integrated new features which give high-end devices a run for its money. Their newest device the nova 5i pro comes with a 6.26 FHD&LCD inch screen.  It comes in three versions which retail at a price of 320, 363 and 402 us dollars respectively. It packs a new HiSilicon kirin 10 which is a more powerful processor than the snapdragon 730.

The new nova 5i pro will be an upgrade of the previous nova 5i and it will be known as the Huawei mate 30. Being a new device, most Bangladesh Smartphone retail shops will lack it. However, the retail price is estimated to be between 37990 and 40000 TK., As usual, the price is above the normal price in the USA but its specs are way out of normal. For instance, this device comes with a 48-megapixel camera and a powerful processor which is boosted by its 8gb ram. Pretty classy if you ask me!

Why people love Huawei Mobile

Within the first four months of 2019, Huawei was noted as the second-largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide after Samsung. Despite its smartphones being hard to sell in the USA, it has remained popular, and its volumes grow. Among the many reasons for that is, Huawei’s devices feature a well-rounded portfolio that incorporates premium smartphones.


Huawei smartphones boast an elegant and delicate Punch Full View display design most users’ desire. Their high screen-to-body ratio ensures that you get an immersive experience.  Interestingly, Huawei mobile phones have an excellent TFT LCD screen with great pixels for better use and viewing experience.


Huawei smartphones boast excellent front and rear cameras. They have potent lenses with fantastic resolutions for perfect images. With diverse camera modes and settings, you will enjoy the complete photography experience. So, Huawei smartphones offer the best break-through for getting into the world of photography.


Most Huawei smartphones run on HUAWEI Kirin processor. Besides, their operating systems based on Android Versions of up to 10 makes your smartphone user experience amazing. Their network operation is terrific, making its performance a breeze, and that’s what people like about it.


The best thing most users love about their products is the incredible storage capacities they have. You will find them with ROMs of up to 256GB, giving you adequate space for keeping your files and data. The RAM of up to 4GB allows for multitasking. Most importantly, their gadgets have longer battery life with a faster charging rate ideal for extended use.

Why Huawei is the best

Huawei takes the second spot as the most extensive and famous smartphone maker in Bangladesh and worldwide with genuine reasons. Firstly, it provides a broad range of mobile gadgets with different price tags. Therefore, they serve a diverse group of people around the globe, depending on their budget limits.

Besides that, they use powerful technology and operating systems to make their performance superb. The company’s gadgets have an exceptional design with a sleek look, high-end specifications, and features. If you are looking to capture heavenly photos, a Huawei smartphone is all you have for the task. Their long-life battery capacity with fast charge makes them efficient.

Pros of Huawei mobile

  1. The vast range of smartphone gadgets with different yet affordable prices gives a broad range of people.
  2. The company boasts elegantly designed smartphones with premium features and specifications for an excellent performance.
  3. A superb battery lifespan with fast charging ability makes it best when compared to other alternative options.
  4. Unique network and operational technology make their gadgets work faster without a glitch.
  5. A high-quality and powerful camera lens delivers top-class photos.

Cons of Huawei mobile

  1. The company faces a severe threat of losing vital service providers like Google, Qualcomm, and Intel.
  2. Its selling power is limited to the USA due to politics.