Oppo Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Oppo Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2020

ModelMemory RAM/ ROM Price (BDT)
Oppo F15(8/128GB)26,990/-TK (Official)
Oppo A1k(2/32GB)9,990/-TK (Official)
Oppo A31(4/128GB)16,990/-TK (Official)
Oppo A92(8/128GB)22,990/-TK (Official)
Oppo A5 (2020)(4/128GB)17,990/-TK (Official)
Oppo Reno 10x Zoom(8/256GB)79,990/-TK (Official)
Oppo F11(4/64GB)22,990/-TK (Official)
Oppo A52(4/128GB)19,990/-TK (Official)

With its inception in 2008, oppo devices have come a long way in convincing the market on why they deserve a share of the global mobile market. Starting off with their first phone in 2016, the mobile company became hugely successful after producing several series brands such as K, A, N, R, and F series. This led to oppo being named as the biggest smartphone maker in China after producing and shipping 200,000 devices to various retail stores. The current Reno z which was launched in June 2019 is retailing at 555.33 us dollars.

Currently, oppo heads the mobile market share in Asia which represents a 15 percent usage. In Bangladesh, oppo is making significant steps by selling a substantial amount in the market. The Reno z will be retailing at 39,990 taka. The price is totally worth it since it comes with a 4035 mAh battery, 48-megapixel camera, a 128/256 internal memory and a 6 GB ram to boost speeds in case playing games. It also comes with a powerful octa-core processor, which places it above other brands in the market when compared to its price. Its seamless design coupled with a multi touch screen guarantees you that extra sensitivity while touching. Stay with mobilebazar and get to know the updated price of the oppo smartphone in Bangladesh.

Oppo phones are from the Oppo electronic company based in China. The phone started as a camera phone, but over time, the company has been doing its best to improve other features. The popular models of this phone are Find, and Reno released in different amazing series each year. To meet the needs of customers in different countries, Oppo corporations are continually releasing new models of the Oppo phone.

 Why do people love the Oppo mobile phone?


Interestingly, the crowd adores this mobile phone because of the high specs it possesses in the market. The phone has a stylish design that is compact, sleek, and lighter. It comes in vibrant colors that allow users to choose depending on your preferences. Most importantly, smartphones have quite a large and high-resolution screen display. So, you get to enjoy a perfect content watching experience.


Oppo phone is commonly referred to as a camera phone. In other words, their front cameras have the highest megapixels of up to 25. Additionally, they have a real-time High Dynamic Range technology that improves image clarity and quality. Moreover, Oppo smartphones also use an in-built AI Beauty technology to detect age, gender and skin tone to enhance facial features. Oppo is one of the first phones to have an automatic swiveling camera that many cameras do not have.


It is an excellent mobile phone with many features yet pocket friendly for many smartphone users. The latest Oppo mobiles operate on MediaTek Helio P60 2.0GHz octa-core chipset. So, they guarantee a boost in performance.


With their smartphones having fast charging abilities, most people like how time-saving it is to recharge them fully. Oppo smartphones also come with superb storage space of up to 128GB RAM capacity ideal for keeping all your large files and data. They also have incredible RAM space that gives you a fluent performance. Another fantastic feature is that their latest models have incorporated an AI battery-assisted feature to ensure lasting battery performance.

Why Oppo mobile is best

According to a recent Brand Trust Report (2019) study, Oppo was ranked the third-best smartphone in Asia. Many of Oppo users agreed that Oppo features are fantastic and user friendly. Oppo phones give you a wide range of smartphones from low-end to high-end. They boast excellent features, and you can easily find one that suits your needs.

Oppo phones also have a very high and expandable internal memory. The phone allows you to multitask as it possesses a powerful RAM hence better performance. Most Oppo phone models have a flash that lets you take amazing pictures, even in low light conditions.


  1. Oppo phones have a beautiful customized display that you can personalize based on preferences.
  2. They have a sleek and compact design with a variety of bold, attractive colors appealing to customers.
  3. Oppo mobile phones come with a fantastic camera phone that takes high quality and sharp selfies.
  4. These phones have a top and reliable battery life span that is long-lasting with fast charging capabilities
  5. Oppo phones are affordable and accommodates users of different budgets.


  1. These phones have a low performance as compared to other phone brands.