Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2020

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean multinational company. They have assembly plants and sales networks, in 80 countries and employs around 365000+ peoples. Samsung Electronics also manufacturers of electronic components such as semiconductors chip, flash memory, hard drive, batteries devices for clients such as sony, htc , apple. Samsung Galaxy Note is a series of Android-based smartphone and tablets. The galaxy series smartphone is too popular in Bangladesh because of their rich features, easy user interface, excellent design, and superb customer service. It’s clear that they always tried to give excellent customer service.

Samsung has been notorious for producing some of the best features in the telecommunications world. Branded as Samsung Galaxy, the first phone was produced in 2009 which marked as the first of the long line of Galaxy devices. There are two versions of the Galaxy devices – the Galaxy S series which is marketed as a high-end device and the Galaxy note series which offers okay features with an additional style. Their devices run through an android system. Currently, the newest version; Galaxy S10  and Galaxy s10 plus goes for 683 dollars and 799 dollars respectively. The Galaxy Note 9 is currently trading at 745 dollars

In Bangladesh, the prices of Samsung are somewhat similar to the only disparity being the shipping and tax prices. For instance, the Galaxy Note 9 is going for 94900 taka which represents an increase of 14,695 taka. The high-end version of Samsung S10 plus goes for 99,900 taka, which is way above the normal price range in the USA.  This represents an increase of 33282 taka. Quite a difference!

Why you buy Samsung Mobile

Samsung is a Korean based Multinational company. It is a number 1 Android Smartphone producer worldwide, in Bangladesh, Samsung has authorized dealers so it makes popular.


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