Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh

ModelMemory RAM/ ROM Price (BDT)
Samsung Galaxy M31(6/64GB)17,990/-TK (Unofficial)
Samsung Galaxy Core 2(1/16GB)5,990/-TK (Official)
Galaxy S2065000/-TK (Official
Galaxy M40(6/128GB)21000/-TK (Official)
Samsung Galaxy A71(8/128GB)41,990/-TK (Official)
Galaxy Note 10 plus(12/256GB)76,000/-TK (Official)
Galaxy A20s(4/64GB)17,500/-TK (Official)
Galaxy A01(2/16GB)9,999/-TK (Official)
Samsung Galaxy A10s(2/32GB)11,990/-TK (Official)
Galaxy Note 10 Lite(6/128GB)54,99/-TK (Official)

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean multinational company. They have assembly plants and sales networks, in 80 countries and employs around 365000+ peoples. Samsung Electronics also manufacturers of electronic components such as semiconductors chip, flash memory, hard drive, batteries devices for clients such as sony, etc, apple. Samsung Galaxy Note is a series of Android-based smartphone and tablets. The galaxy series smartphone is too popular in Bangladesh because of their rich features, easy user interface, excellent design, and superb customer service. It’s clear that they always tried to give excellent customer service.

Samsung has been notorious for producing some of the best features in the telecommunications world. Branded as Samsung Galaxy, the first phone was produced in 2009 which marked as the first of the long line of Galaxy devices. There are two versions of the Galaxy devices – the Galaxy S series which is marketed as a high-end device and the Galaxy note series which offers okay features with an additional style. Their devices run through an android system. Currently, the newest version; Galaxy S10  and Galaxy s10 plus goes for 683 dollars and 799 dollars respectively. The Galaxy Note 9 is currently trading at 745 dollars

In Bangladesh, the prices of Samsung are somewhat similar to the only disparity being the shipping and tax prices. For instance, the Galaxy Note 9 is going for 94900 taka which represents an increase of 14,695 taka. The high-end version of Samsung S10 plus goes for 99,900 taka, which is way above the normal price range in the USA.  This represents an increase of 33282 TK. Quite a difference!

Why People Love Samsung Mobile

Samsung has stayed in the smartphone production industry over the past couple of years. With the slew of new features, specs, and ground-breaking tech, it has proven to be the best and largest company. To add to that, the company provides smartphones that range from budgetary to some tough high-end products. So, their fans have plenty to choose from depending on their desires.


The vibrant and big display screen Samsung smartphones have is the gold-rush for most people who like colorful products. They boast a vivid super AMOLED display that allows you to enjoy the premium content watching experience with as lat=rge as 4 Pixel resolution. Their latest models have foldable screens making it incredibly stylish and powerful.


Many people like their top-notch cameras that are for ideal taking photos and selfie pictures. In other words, their cameras have powerful and large pixels that work even in low light conditions. And, their incredible setting features makes capturing any object sharp and perfect. They also have two picture autofocus that enables you to capture crystal photos even while in motion.


Samsung’s distinct software is another incredible feature that makes the brand more popular. Most of the phones get powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor that ensures a remarkable performance. As a result, they give less processing power than most smartphone brands in the market.


Another good thing with most Samsung smartphones is their incredibly large storage capacities. This gives you the peace of mind while keeping your vital data or large files without worries. Their large RAM capacities also assure a swift, reliable and convenient performance that outshines other brands.

Why Samsung is best

Samsung is no brainer, the leading smartphone maker in the world. Thanks to their exceptional quality and top-class products they provide. It delivers a wide range of smartphones from low-end to high-end for you to choose your best. The good thing is, they are the most popular brand accessed by many due to their budget-friendly feature.

Everything about Samsung smartphones is fantastic! From their brilliant AMOLED display to the big screen to sharp cameras. Some series have smart touch features that make usage even more fun and straightforward. Also, they have excellent looking with high curving for a comfortable grip. Their extended battery life makes it your daily use a breeze and worry-free. There is so much Samsung brings to users of their products.

Pros of Samsung mobile

  1. It offers a vast range of selection from low-end to high-end smartphones to meet each user’s desires.
  2. Their brilliant AMOLED display and big screen make your viewing experience excellent.
  3. Cameras are top-notch with powerful pixels for capturing sharp, crisp, and perfect images or videos.
  4. The company gives excellent after-sale services, including reliable warranties for batteries or cracked screens.
  5. Incredible battery life, operating system, and handy features ensure an amazing smartphone usage experience.

Cons of Samsung mobile

  1. High-end Samsung smartphones are expensive and don’t give a lasting operation.