Sony Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Sony Mobile Price in Bangladesh 

Founded in 2001 as a joint company between Ericson and Sony, the company grew rapidly, hence having a cult following due to its exceptional devices. As of 2017 Sony devices had a 1 % global share and a 16.3% in Japan. Known for its sophisticated camera, the Sony device has a long-range of brands that have proved ideal for every market. Some of their brands include sony Xperia 10 plus, Sony Xperia L3, Sony Xperia xz3, Sony Xperia a23 among others. The newest version, the Xperia 1 was released in June 2019 and it is retailing at a price of 949 us dollars.

Why do people love Sony?

Sony mobile phones are manufactured by Sony Company that is well known for manufacturing electronics such as Television, laptops, headphones, and PlayStation, among many others.


The recent series from Sony, X, and Z have great features that are user friendly. These phones also have elegant looks that are undoubtedly classy and beautiful. Many smartphone users like smartphones have an appealing look with incredible screen sizes. Although most models may not have high screen resolutions, they still give great color and sharp views. This makes it excellent for watching videos and gaming.


The photos Sony smartphones take are quite impressive. A large number of latest models have three or more rear cameras with up to 12MP for better and quality images. Plus, their front cameras also give superb selfie photos that most people like. So, Sony smartphones can be great for photography.


Most importantly, Sony smartphones run on Snapdragon operating system. This ensures swift and excellent performance. Also, their Android-based versions are available to v10 to choose from for better android experience. Plus, they can get easily updated to subsequent versions to improve performance. Generally, their software applications are quite reliable.


Sony smartphones have fast-charging batteries with a greater lifespan sure to last for years. Sony smartphones are resistant to dust and water hence durable. They are available with as large as 256GB ROM storage and 8GB of RAM. So, they give great space for keeping your large files without fear of space running out. Also, you can multitask and enjoy smooth smartphone usage experience with no hangs.

Why Sony is the Best

Many Smartphones spoil when in contact with water, but Sony has water-resistant smartphones. Therefore, they will still work correctly even after falling in water.  Also, Sony boasts a quality camera that takes high megapixels pictures. Their front cameras are wide-angled, a feature even iPhones lack. They also come with a headphone jack that most people look for when purchasing a phone.

Moreover, Sony smartphones have the best quality sound system. Thus, they produce well-polished and enhanced quality sound. Also, their fast-charging battery capabilities ensure that you spend a short time to charge and use. Together with these, these mobile phones’ battery lifespan is sustainable.

Pros of Sony Mobile

  1. Sony phone cameras are of high megapixels, thus takes quality pictures. With a wide-angle selfie camera, Sony takes photos of the desired quality.
  2. Sony smartphones are compact and lightweight. They are therefore easy to carry around
  3. These smartphones have the best sound system and produce well-polished and enhanced quality sound.
  4. They have fast-charging batteries that take a short time to charge and use. Together with these, these mobile phones’ battery lifespan is sustainable.


  1. The model Xperia XAI has manufacturing defects. The phone screen of this model hangs, an error noted by many customers.