Top 10 Best 12GB RAM Smartphones For 2020

Top 10 Best 12GB RAM Smartphones For 2020

In recent years highest ram smartphone has become popular among users. Due to this, various phone companies have been releasing their 12 GB RAM smartphones. The phones are so many in the market, and choosing the best might be a challenge to many. The highest RAM phones are preferred because they are able to support many apps, and they have a high working speed. They are ranked to be the fastest and effective phones. If at all you are searching for the phone with a 12GB RAM, do not worry. We have highlighted the top 10 best phones with that ram in this article.

Why Do You Need 12 GB Smartphones?

12gb ram phone is so important because it is used to cache various processes and retrieve them fast without any delay. Since the discovery of smartphones, they have become crucial in our daily routines. In order to do this, we require the best 12gb ram mobile with enough space in order to do this. A 12 GB RAM phone offers this by holding enough videos, photos, music, plenty of apps, and TV shows. Phone with enough in-built storage facilities is what many need. This 12 GB Ram offers that for them.

The 12 GB RAM allows the phone to run some background processes. Some background process is so important to phones. A process like an email checking is very useful. Others are good at supporting apps that are installed. Background running apps allows speed or faster multitasking of various apps on the phones. The RAM also helps the user in running some powerful apps that require enough space. Browsing very fast is another reason why you need the 12 GB RAM, this is because most of the smartphones are very fast when it comes to internet searching.

Top 10 smartphones with 12 GB RAM



OnePlus seven Pro smartphone was launched in 2019. Its display is large enough of 6.67 inches, and it has a QHD plus resolution. Oneplus 7 pro has edges that are curved and has a refresh rate of 90Hz. It operates on the latest Android 10.0 version. Its design is so exceptional when compared to other phone types. The phone frame is made of durable material. Its display is of 6.67 inches that appears to be similar to that Samsung has been using. It has a powerful camera with a 16 megapixel, three shooters on the back, and a pop-up camera. OnePlus seven pro phone has three main cameras that can be set just like other phone cameras in other phones, but they are somehow detailed.

The phone is a dual sim card compatibility. It is a 3G and 4G / LTE support. It can use the network provider when searching. In terms of storage, the RAM is 12 GB and 250 GB ROM. It does not come with a card slot.


  • Has a smooth buttery and a notch-less 90Hz display
  • Three versatile cameras
  • Has a super in-built finger touch
  • High phone performance


  • Has no wireless charging
  • The pop-up camera durability is questionable
  • Very expensive
  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Are you looking for the best premium flagship 12gb ram phone in this 2020, galaxy s20 Ultra is here for you? It is a 5G enabled with a 108 MP squad camera operation. The front camera has a 40-megapixel that you can adjust off the beauty mode. S20 has an insane 6.9-inch display that is colorful.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Price in bangladesh

The battery is so enormous with a 5000-mAh battery. This makes it easy for charging that uses wireless. The power on and up gets to 6 hours’ life an additional 7 hours when doubles when using a wireless charger. The refresh rate is 120Hz supported. The phone has an expandable memory that can be up to 1T. It is an android supported with OneUI 2.0 software. The phone is small, and this makes it easy to handle the phone, although the screen is large enough, and its refreshing rate is high.


  • The camera has a great focus with clear images even with many shots
  • The battery is bigger and can be used for a long period once charged
  • Is a wireless charge supported
  • It offers a great experience when used.


  • Doesn’t come with a headphone
  • The camera gets hot when frequently used
  • The video recording seems to be pointless
  • It is expensive
  1. Asus ROG Phone II 512GB

Asus knocked the market with they came up with the monster Asus GOG phone 2. it first featured QUALCOMM snapdragon 855 plus chipset. To add on that it has a RAM of 12 GB, and 512 GB storage capacity. Its battery is so amazing with a 6000mAh that is compatible with 30W faster charger. The snapdragon is essential in boosting GPU and CPU performance. This fast smartphone has a 120Hz AMOLED display that uses Gorilla Glass protection.

The dual camera of 48MP+13 MP, which is a wide-angle and a 24MP selfie camera. It is an integrated fingerprint reader phone that is beneath the screen. They are compatible with GSM networks like AT and T, T-Mobile, but not compatible with CDMA networks. The phone comes with Aero Case that offers protection and keeps it safe from any form of scratches.


  • The mode of slow-motion on it enables on to record according to his preferred slow-motion effect.
  • The cameras are good enough for the quality of the photos they take.
  • Loud and good speakers that you really want. They are on the top and bottom to balance audio
  • The screen is sensational
  • A long-life battery
  • Enough power and storage capacity
  • It comes with an aero case for protection.


  • It is somehow big
  • Has no waterproof
  1. Motorola Edge Plus

For many years, Motorola company has been out of the phone race. They, however, come out with a Motorola Edge plus phone that comes with all that you may need in 2020. The display has a curving screen that slides over the sides. It is a 6.7-inch full HD+OLED display. This complements the high design of the phone. Its refresh rate is 90Hz.


Its triple rear camera of 108MP is the main camera, 8MP telephoto with zooming of 3x, 16MP ultra-wide camera. The front camera is of 25MP. It is Snapdragon 865 chipset enabled and has 12GB RAM, 256GB storage capacity that can be expanded to 1T. The battery is 5000mAh that is able to last for two good days. Edge plus is a 5G capable, and it is able to work with mmWave frequency.


  • Has a great performance
  • The camera is sharp, with a 108MP that enables one to have quality pictures.
  • Has a futuristic design that is sleek
  • The phone battery is so massive
  • The endless edge is so beautiful


  • It is somehow heavy and thick
  • The aspect ratio is not that ideal.
  1. RealMe X50 Pro 5G 256GB + 12GB RAM

It is the second smartphone that the company has after X2 pro. It is a 5G enabled. It works on android ten that is supported by QUALCOMM snapdragon 865 as its processor. The design features aluminum-glass inserted back and front. It features a 6.44 inch full HD with a super AMOLED screen that has two selfie cameras. The display is 90Hz high in terms of refresh rate.

Realme X50 Price in Bangladesh

This makes it smoother when scrolling and browsing or watching your movies. The primary camera is 64MP, and it uses a Samsung GW1 sensor, a 12MP telephoto lens that has a hybrid zoom of 20x, 8MP ultra-wide lens. Realme X50 pro has a fast charge supported battery of 4200mAh that is able to stay for more than one day if properly used. The fast charge supports a 65W, which is able to fully charge the phone within 40 minutes.


  • Has a high refresh rate that enables one to comfortably browse or watch movies in his phone
  • Has a speedy fast charging of 65W
  • Decent daylight cameras
  • Its performance is very high.


  • It is slightly heavy
  • The camera is not ideal in a low light area
  • Has no microSD card
  1. iQOO 3 5G 256GB + 12GB RAM

Every mobile network is really upgrading their mobile devices to 5G enabled. One of those phones is iQOO 3 5G phones. It is a pleasing and sturdy device with a premium design. The device is made of glass and black panel that makes it gradient in design. It impresses a flagship snapdragon 865 CPU with a 48MP quad-camera setup, a display of super AMOLED, and glass made back. The quad-camera is 48MP as the main camera, 13MP telephoto lens, the super-wide lens camera of 13MP, and a front camera of 16MP. It is a dual phone with 5G connectivity support. The battery is a 55W supper flash charge of 4400mAh. It is an android 10.0 support.


  • The camera performance is above average
  • It is sturdy made whose frame has high stability.


  • It promotes slimy content through push notifications
  1. Xiaomi Black Shark 2 256GB

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 is one of the latest Xiaomi phones with a 6.39 display and a 9.0 android operating system for high performance. The CPU is so powerful that it features Snapdragon 855, 12GB RAM, and internal storage of 256GB. There is a rear dual camera of 48MP and 12MP primary and secondary cameras, respectively.

Black shark 2 has a durable build whose edges are curved and make it have a different look. It is slightly heavy compared to other 12GB RAM with 205 grams. The screen is AMOLED with a true view FHD plus a display that measures 2340×1080 pixels resolution. The phone has given a battery of 4000mAh and 27W/4.8A faster-charging support. With a USB type C, it will fully charge in 30 minutes.


  • It has a great battery for great performance for a long period.
  • Comes with a headphone jack
  • Speed refresh rate and browsing
  • Has a great looking design that most people do love
  • It is ideal for games and can be connected with other devices like gamepads


  • The phone is somehow heavy compared to others
  1. Black Shark 2 (Frozen Silver, 256 GB) (12 GB RAM)

Black shark 2 was launched as a third gaming smartphone by Xiaomi as a successor of black shark Helo. It is characterized by a 6.39 inch AMOLED density sensitivity display whose screen resolution measures 2340 x 1080 pixels. For color accuracy, it has a four ambient color sensor that monitors the surroundings and adjusts the screen to fit in it. Black Shark 2, supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 octa-core chipset.

The screen touch controls are customized and sensitive to pressure on the screen sides. For the cooling purpose, a big liquid cool 3.0 vapor is installed. On the camera, it features a 48MP as the main camera with paired a 12MP telephoto lens that has an optical zoom of 2X. The front camera is 20MP. It is powered by a 4000mAh battery that has a fast charging of 27W.


  • It is quite attractive basing on its display
  • It is a phenomenal multitasking phone. You can do various tasks, and all will be attached.
  • The 4000mAh battery gives long life to the phone
  • Comes with a screen cover to protect the phone


  • The screen corners are round something some do not like
  • Its camera cannot be compared to that of other phones; it is a bit lower in terms of performance.
  1. Vivo NEX 3s 5G

Under their company, Vivo NEX 3s 5G is the best and high tier phone they have manufactured up to date. It is an enhanced version smartphone to that of a 5G smartphone that was launched by the company prior to this. Vivo NEX 3s 5G is powered by Snapdragon 865 that is supports the dual-mode of 4 and 5G. It features a waterfall display, rear and front cameras. It weighs 219.5 grams and measures 167.44 x 76.14 x 9.4mm in terms of dimensions. The screen gives a full HD + 1080 X2256 pixel resolution.

The internal storage is 256GB that is fixed; the front camera has 16MP and a LED flash. The rear camera has 64MP as the main camera, 13MP for telephoto, and 13MP ultra-wide camera. The battery is a beast with 4500mAh that has a fast charge of 44W. The software is android 9.0 that has a pie funtouch OS 9.1.


  • The design is so beautiful
  • Even performance
  • Has a sensitive fingerprint
  • Great and long-life battery


  • The waterfall display is unrealistic
  • Its software is somehow poor
  1. Oppo Find X2 Pro

Oppo Find X2 Pro is the most eye-catching smartphone in this 2020 due to its wrapping on the orange vegan leather. The phone display is the mini cinema in that it is 6.7 inches AMOLED in display and has a 1440 x 3168 pixel as its resolution. The refresh rate is 120Hz and 240Hz touch sampling rate and the screen sensor, reader. It has a triple camera with a massive main camera of 48MP, a 48MP ultrawide angle camera, and a 23MP telephoto lens. The selfie camera has a 32MP. All this makes the phone take fantastic videos and photos.

Oppo Find X2 Price in Bangladesh

The battery is 4260mAh cell that can be fully charged in 38 minutes. It includes a fast charge of 65W. to do this comfortably, it is packed with a super cooling system to have the optimum performance. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 CPU and has nan RAM of 12GB and an internal storage capacity of 512GB.


  • Has a massive storage
  • Punchy and sharp screen
  • Has a massive battery with an order long-life battery
  • The cooling system helps in maintaining the phone temperature.


  • It is somehow expensive
  • It is a single SIM slot
  • Doesn’t support wireless charging


  1. Which is now the best smartphone should I buy?

The decision on which phone is best for you lies in you. All the phones are good, and you need to look at various factors like cost, your use, among others you need to consider.

  1. Where can I get one of these phones in my country?

There are various places that you can get your phone of choice. The best place is Amazon. All you can visit the official website for a specific phone. But always be keen to avoid fraud.

  1. Which is the best smartphone between Oppo Find X2 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

The two phones are great in terms of what they offer to their users. To decide which is the best is not easy because you need to look at the features and details of each and try to compare. If at all you do this am sure you will know the best.


There are so many smartphones with 12RAM in the market. 2020 has experienced many smartphone companies launching their phones mostly supported by 5G. Finding the best one for you might not be such easy as you might think. In this article, we have highlighted the best smartphone. Their features are based on the battery capacity, the refreshing rate, cameral megapixel sizes, among other great factors.


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