Vivo Mobile Price in Bangladesh

VIVO Mobile Price in Bangladesh

ModelMemory ( RAM/ROM)Price ( BDT )
Vivo V19(8/128GB)35,990/-TK (Official)
Vivo S1 Pro(8/128GB)26,990/-TK (Official)
Vivo U10(3/32GB)12,990/-TK (Official)
Vivo Y19(6/128GB)19,990/-TK (Official)
Vivo Y50(8/128GB)22,990/-TK (Official)
Vivo Y11 (2019)(3/32GB)12,990/-TK (Official)
Vivo Y81i(2/16GB)9,990/-TK (Official)
Vivo Y30(4/128GB)18,000/-TK (Official)

From Vivo Communications Technology, Vivo phones are from a sister company to Oppo Corporations. These mobile phones are known to appeal to the young generation with its flaunty looks, brilliant AI selfie camera, and the latest technology. Vivo became one of the first companies to make the thinnest smartphone in the world.

Why do people love Vivo?

Most people love Vivo smartphones as they give the utmost value for their money. They come with impressive features at amazingly affordable prices in all the three smartphone ranges. You can choose either low range, mid-tier average, or high-end flagship smartphones. Therefore, many Vivo users find it worth to spend money on Vivo devices.


As simple as they may look, Vivo smartphones boasts an ultra-slim frame. Most models use the Corning Gorilla 2.5D curved glass. Their back cover has a stylish and beautiful metal case for easy grasping. Interestingly, the phones have gorgeous and relatively large display screens with stunning resolution. This makes them provide sharp and vibrant colors for better content watching experience.


Vivo is also known as the best selfie phone. This is to say, their front cameras are superior with the greatest megapixels to capture crisp and quality photos. Similarly, their back camera still provides amazing regular images. Yet, their rear cameras are quite better than other high-end smartphone brands.


Most Vivo smartphone models operate on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that ensures excellent performance. People love phones that are easy to unlock. Vivo stands out well as it has face access technology so that you get to unlock your phone easily. A remarkable feature, referred to as the Hi-Fi sound system, is why people love Vivo phones. The HI-Fi feature lets your smartphone produce an amplified audio sound that is so much better than most smartphone audios.


The best part is, Vivo mobile phones have a premium look that gives the phone an outstanding appearance and style. Besides that, they have a large storage capacity that is even expandable for storing large files and data. This eliminates worries about the device getting full, soon affecting your phone performance.

Why Vivo is the best

Vivo collaborated with MediaTek processors, Vivo mobile phones have been on high demand because of the improvement of their processors. These mobile phones are impressive, yet premium look and screen display. An example of a model that many people recommend is Vivo Y15, one of Vivo’s latest models with a powerful processor with eight cores.

Thus, these phone brands have excellent performance and do not hang. Interestingly, they have a large storage capacity that is even expandable for storing files and data without worrying about it being full and affecting your phone performance.


  1. Vivo has more features when compared to its sister brand Oppo. Such features include security locks like on-screen fingerprints and face unlock.
  2. They have an in-screen fingerprint sensor assuring users of the top security and privacy of their smartphones.
  3. The smartphones boast an impressive display that is super AMOLED with a touch panel well integrated.
  4. The phones produce quality audio because of the well-built Hi-Fi system, which is not common in many Android smartphones.

Cons of the Vivo phone

  1. Vivo rear camera is not good; only the front camera is excellent as the phone is famous for its quality and fantastic selfies.