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Walton Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2020

Competing against big companies, this Bangladesh Company is making significant trends by keeping tabs with current technology. The company first started off as an electronics manufacturing company before setting its eyes on the mobile industry. Over the years, Walton Company has made a collection of various mobile phones such as the Primo GH 7i, Primo H7s, Primo R5, Primo E9 and many more. Its latest brand is the primo f9, is expected to enter the market by storm. It comes as a 4g network support added with an android 9 design for downloading current apps. It will have a screen size of 5.45 inches and a powerful 1.3 quadcore processor which is coupled with 1 GB ram for moderate apps.

With a greater understanding of the Bangladesh economy and its population, the Walton Company designed its phones for both middle and lower-class individuals. Its previous version the Walton primo s7 retails at 15999 taka. Though a bit expensive, the features can sooth the ‘pain’ your wallet will make. The camera has a 12.39 megapixel and an android 8.1 which means you can take quality pictures and run new apps in Google store. It also comes with a fingerprint sensor to provide that extra security.

What Bangladeshi People love/choose Walton Mobile?

Bangladesh is a developing country so our country most of the peoples are bourgeoisie. So Walton mobile always gives low prices smartphone but high/medium features such as good camera, nice quality display, network etc. This brand is the too popular younger generation, students, small jobholders who can’t afford to have a very high price device but who do wish to own a high-quality smartphone.

A few years ago they come their fast android smartphone Walton primo, and day by day Walton smartphones are popular. They are among the top 3 brands in Bangladesh in terms of sales. Stay with mobile bazer and get to know the update price of Walton Smartphone in Bangladesh.


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